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Update from Mr Hodgson #BlackLivesMatter

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When I joined Cedar Mount Academy in January 2019 I spoke to each year group and I gave the same message: I wanted to join CMA because I saw a caring, open, welcoming, humane and diverse community. Cedar Mount Academy represents pupils from over thirty different ethnicities, and it is by standing together as a community that we strength and support the community. We wish to state our support for everyone involved in the struggle against racism in all forms.

Whilst we celebrate and support our community through activities such as Black History Month, Asian History Month and International Roma day, this is just a small part of our broader commitment to inclusivity and anti-racism which is delivered in our curriculum. As a White British school leader I am well aware of my role in ensuring CMA is an explicitly anti-racist school that stands up to racism, and indeed prejudice of all forms, led by the excellent work by our RS and citizenship team and our truly representative and inspirational student leadership team.

My message to every member of staff, every student, every parent and carer, and every governor is to continually challenge every incident of racism. It is only through a collective, open and honest effort that we can help change the world for the better. :

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