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The mathematics department at Cedar Mount Academy aim to ensure all students receive a curriculum that both stretches and engages their learning. We wish to instil an enthusiasm for mathematics to show students how relevant the subject is to their everyday life.

Key Stage 3

Students follow the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and cover a range of topics across the four attainment areas, (Number, Algebra, Shape & Space and Handling Data). Students will build on skills previously learnt in Year 6 and develop their understanding further into more complex areas. Our scheme of work is designed to ensure all students develop the key mathematical skills and knowledge required for them to make outstanding progress. There is also a particular emphasis on using and applying their mathematical knowledge in a variety of contexts.

Key Stage 4

All students study the AQA specification GCSE award in mathematics as this provides the students with a holistic approach enabling the development of cross subject knowledge required for further mathematical development. Students will either follow the Foundation or Higher GCSE syllabus throughout Year 9 10 and 11 depending on their ability. The department regularly monitors the progress students are making and will advise students individually on which examination tier of entry is most suitable for them.

Within the new GCSE curriculum there is a particular emphasis on the ability to solve complex mathematical problems in context. This is developed within lessons through the use of group work and students are encouraged to work with a variety of different students in order to learn various strategies from each other. During the course we also encourage students to develop a facility with mental and written calculations, the effective and efficient use of a calculator and appropriate use of Information Technology.



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