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Andrew Tate & His Misogynist Messaging

Category: News

You may have seen this name pop up in the news, or you may have heard about him from your children. Find out who he is, why he’s in the news, the risks he poses and how to talk about him at home.

  • Andrew Tate is a misogynistic influencer who gained awareness in late summer 2022.
  • He has subsequently been banned by many major social media sites.
  • Misogyny can hurt people of all genders, not just those it directly attacks.

Tate’s influence on male students is “a big safeguarding issue” in schools so as a result Mr Platt, The Designated Safeguarding Officer at CMA has delivered additional safeguarding training to staff based on online misogyny. Parents may have seen his name pop up in the news, or they may have heard about him from their children. The below fact sheet will provide parents detailed information about who Andrew Tate is.

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