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Vision and Values


The best for everyone, the best from everyone


Our key values have been chosen to allow students and staff to achieve things they never thought they could. We expect all members of the Cedar Mount family to:

  • Show respect: We are polite and courteous at all times
  • Be honest: We tell the truth and take responsibility for our own actions
  • Be kind: We think of others and act in a way that benefits our whole community
  • Show resilience: We never give up and have the strength to face challenges, knowing that we can always improve
  • Work hard: We complete every task to the best of our ability, knowing that by working hard we can meet our potential  

Our aims

The school has the following aims in offering a world class education for all students

  • To help students become the best version of themselves so they can make sense of ,change, and improve the world
  • To provide a curriculum that enables students to be successful, to be challenged and to meet their potential
  • To create an inclusive community that allows everyone’s identity to be recognised, celebrated and valued, and for individuals to flourish
  • To offer equity of opportunity to all members of the community so they can develop the knowledge and skills needed to go into the world and be successful
  • To ensure all members of the community take responsibility for their own actions and support others to make the right choices
Proud to part of the Bright Futures Education Trust
Cedar Mount Academy
Gorton Education Village
50 Wembley Road, Gorton, Manchester, M18 7DT