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Meet Mr Hodgson

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On Thursday the Student Leadership Team grilled (sorry interviewed) Mr Hodgson and asked him a few questions about his life outside of work, here’s what he had to say………

Whose on your play list?

When I fancy a bit of ‘Old School’ I listen to Prince & The Beatles but I also love Joanna Newsom.

Favourite film?

That’s a tough one, I’m a huge fan of films from the 70’s, if I had to choose it would be Jaws followed by The Conversation I can watch them over and over. I love science fiction so Star Wars is definately up there but please don’t ask me to sit through a period drama. I can think of nothing worse.

Do you play an instrument?

Yes the guitar, banjo and harmonica.


Cycling, listening to music and cryptic crosswords. It’s good for the brain and I try to complete as least one a week.

Favourite food?

Difficult, I love Indian food and can’t resist a chippy tea.

Favourite place to holiday?

There’s nothing more exciting than getting ready for a day on the slopes. I love skiing and have travelled to resorts in Italy, Austria and Canada. If money were no object I would up sticks and move to New York – it’s one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Can you speak another language?

No but I would love to learn Russian, Latin and Ancient Greek.

Are you enjoying the role of Principal.

Absolutely, I love the diversity and how inclusive CMA is, everyone is treated as an equal.

Pet hate?

People that dawdle, there’s nothing worse than getting caught behind someone who walks slowly.

Mr Hodgson appeared on television, granted it was for all of 2 minutes but he’s proud of his stellar performance (he was asked to buy a pair of jeans and he said ‘no’)

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