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BBC Visit

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Cedar Mount is currently working on an exciting project in partnership with the BBC to help shape the face of television and are collating information to explore what teenagers are watching and why? Tessa and Danielle, two journalists with the BBC, met with students at the end of the last term and began by asking them what they enjoyed watching, which channels they tuned into and where they accessed their content, from the show of hands and a group discussion it became clear that YouTube was the clear winner.

Tessa and Danielle were keen to find out what issues affect their age group? Students were very vocal and stated ‘Education’ ‘Employment’ & ‘Mental Health’ as their main fears, but they didn’t feel the BBC were brave enough to tackle the subjects on mainstream Children’s TV especially after the pandemic!

A series of fun tasks followed and students loved ‘Rate the Celeb’, a survey using emojis to gauge how many faces from the BBC Talent Pool they recognised. The feedback and results will be used by programme-makers when producing shows aimed at teenagers.

Tessa and Danielle found our students’ funny & enthusiastic’ and loved the SCHOLAR badges they were given as a reward for ‘Effort, Achievement & Talent’; they plan to return in March for the next round of discussions and we can’t wait to welcome them back, we just hope they are wearing their badges!

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