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SMSC in Design & Technology

Spiritual development in Design and Technology

Spiritual development is of a very high importance in design & technology. The process of creative thinking and innovation inspires students to bring out undiscovered talents, which in turn breeds a self-confidence and belief in their abilities. It also challenges and appeals to the creative instincts that have driven humanity to discover, adapt and overcome. Within our schemes of work we seek to develop these.

Moral development in Design and Technology

In design & technology we seek to develop a sense of ‘moral conscience’ in our students, through focusing upon the moral dilemmas raised in designing and making new products. We teach students to understand the wider impacts on the environment when designing and making new products and expect them to consider carefully the materials & components they will use when designing and making. We encourage sustainable thinking through the active application of the ‘6 R’s’ and to highlight the impact on environmentally sensitive areas of the world. The 6 Rs include: reinvent/rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse/repair, recycle, replace/rebuy.

Social development in Design and Technology

Social development is a key feature of all design & technology lessons. We teach the concept of self-regulation to ensure that students accept responsibility for their behaviour and the safety of others. We encourage students to give each other reminders when standards fall short of the collective expectation. This establishes and maintains a safe, secure, learning environment. We place an emphasis on developing the ability to work with other and to accept each other’s unique personality. We encourage effective conversations about the work we do through self & peer evaluation, and to give and accept constructive criticism as a vehicle to improve students learning outcomes.

Cultural development in Design and Technology

We develop wider cultural awareness in design technology through projects that have a connection with our past heritage and how our industrial routes have shaped our nation. We seek to expand student’s knowledge of other cultures influences on design and manufacture including an increasing awareness of the influences digital manufacturing developments from other countries is having on the designing and making of products that we use

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