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SMSC in Art

Spiritual development in Art

Our Art and design course is dependent on the students’ ability to enquire and communicate their ideas, meanings and feelings. Students will investigate visual, tactile and other sensory qualities of their own and others work. We encourage independent thinking that will enable students to develop their ideas and intentions and express these in an appropriate manner.

Moral development in Art

Throughout the course students are encouraged to look at work that will often pose a moral question. The student’s outcomes are supported with a rationale or a meaning that will often convey a message.

Social development in Art

Students work is celebrated throughout the school and is to be displayed in many areas. Students work independently and collaboratively to develop public and community artworks that express relationships between the students and local community. We are working alongside the charity ‘Mancunian Way’ to assist us in working closely within the community.

Students discuss and research a range of artists and art work, encouraging and developing communication skills.

Cultural development in Art

Throughout the units of work explored Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of artist’s ideas and concepts identifying how meanings are conveyed. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of cultures, beliefs and religions. Through their investigations they will research and explore the religious and non-religious beliefs adopted by a variety of cultures from around the world.

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