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Key Stage 3

The ICT, business and media curriculum is constantly being updated and developed to meet the demands of changing technologies, student understanding and the increasing demands on technical and programming skills. The department provide students with access to the most up to date software and peripherals with teachers always keeping abreast of technologies, qualifications and the latest classroom practice.

ICT is taught twice a week throughout years 7, 8 and 9 (once a week for Fast Track) where students study a wide range of ICT skills, develop their digital literacy and understanding of data handling, control, programming and sequencing. E-Safety is a particularly important strand throughout the curriculum ensuring students not only develop the skills and knowledge to be effective digital citizens but are able to do so safely and responsibly.

The curriculum covers a wide range of knowledge and skills in order to prepare students for their chosen route at KS4. It also integrates many cross-curricular themes to support students’ holistic learning and ensure they are able to apply ICT effectively to all aspects of their life. Students are also given taster sessions in year 9 of the three discrete disciplines of business, ICT and media to ensure they are able to make informed choices for their future studies.

Key Stage 4

At KS4 students study a range of courses best suited to their interests, ability and future plans. All courses are engaging and practical but at the same time provide academic challenge. Students are expected to work hard in lessons, complete a large amount of homework and fully contribute to extra-curricular events within the department. The personalised approach ensures students follow the best course for their needs in agreement with their teacher.

The courses currently offered are:

• GCSE Business Studies


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