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Key Stage 3

Our science program sets out to enhance and develop scientific skills so that our students are able to understand, appreciate and contribute to the world around them. Whilst building on the foundation science established at primary school we aim to develop students investigative skills and thinking skills throughout Key Stage Three so that students can relate to concepts learned in the classroom to the outside world.

Each year group is has its own Collins scheme of work, and topics that will be covered within the academic year. These topics can be found below for each academic year, each half term students will be assessed on their progress and each student will then fill in their own reflection sheet on how they achieved within that half term with goals and aims to further stretch and challenge students set.

We use a range of science textbooks and our schemes of learning are based on the Collins and AQA guidelines. Topics will all be taught at the same time but will naturally rotate throughout the year between the three sciences. All students begin Year 7 by completing a baseline test designed to bridge the gap between Key Stage Two and Key Stage Three as well as establishing the routine of working safely in the science laboratory.

Year 7 Collins Topics include:

Half Term 1  Cells

Half Term 2 Mixtures, dissolving & separating

Half Term 3 Eating, Drinking & Breathing, Half Elements, Compounds & Reactions

Half Term 4 Other Half Elements, Compounds and Reactions, Energy Transfers & Sound

Half Term 5 Energy your body needs, Half Chemical Changes

Half Term 6 Other Half Chemical changes, Magnetism and Electricity

Year 8 Collins Topics include:

Half Term 1 Plants & Ecosystems

Half Term 2 Physical changes, Contact and Non contact forces

Half Term 3 Variation, Useful Materials

Half Term 4 Earth & Space, Effect of Drugs

Half Term 5 Earth sustainability

Half Term 6 Waves 7 Energy transfers

Key Stage 4

Here at Cedar Mount Academy we teach Science to all students using AQA (Exam Board) Trilogy Specification. The topics covered include the following units:


  1. Cell biology
  2. Organisation
  3. Infection and response
  4. Bioenergetics
  5. Homeostasis and response
  6. Inheritance, variation and evolution
  7. Ecology


  1. Atomic structure and the periodic table
  2. Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter
  3. Quantitative chemistry
  4. Chemical changes
  5. Energy changes
  6. The rate and extent of chemical change
  7. Organic chemistry
  8. Chemical analysis
  9. Chemistry of the atmosphere
  10. Using resources


  1. Energy
  2. Electricity
  3. Particle model of matter
  4. Atomic structure
  5. Forces
  6. Waves
  7. Magnetism and electromagnetism

Key Stage 4 includes Year 9, 10 and 11. They are assessed at the end of Year 11 with six papers: two biology, two chemistry and two physics. Each of the papers will assess knowledge and understanding from distinct topic areas. Each paper is 1 hour 15 minutes and is worth 16.7% of the overall GCSE. The style of the questions used includes multiple choice, structured, closed short answer, and open response.

To provide the best preparation for A Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics all students are given the opportunity to take separate science in Year 9 Options. This then gives students three GCSE’s with one in each Science. The extra time given to the separate science is used for competitions and STEM activities. This year we have entered into projects such as: Project Shelter, Graphene the Wonder Material, Rollercoaster Derby and ChemQuiz. Due to the additional GCSE the examinations cover additional material such as Space in Physics. Each subject still has two exam papers however they are 1 hour and 45 minutes in length.

For any information regarding the Science Curriculum then please email the Head of Department via reception.

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