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To mark the end of Asian History Month, English teachers Miss Rana and Miss Allison brought the wonderous cultures and cuisines of Asia to CMA! An Asian buffet was organised by Amna and Emily alongside generous support from students and their families. It was an enormous success and a true celebration of the magnitude of Asian hospitality and catering. We had kebabs from Kurdistan, savoury biscuits from Sri Lanka, Channa Aloo from Pakistan, Baklava from Turkey, desserts from across India, dumplings and savoury cakes from China to name just a few! Around 60 students were invited to this exclusive event, what a memorable occasion this will be for all students . This follows on from the K-Pop Karaoke organised by Amna and Emily from English where students were able to express their enthusiasm and devotion towards Korean pop music and culture. The event was hugely popular and enabled many of our students to showcase their incredible K-Pop dance moves!

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